1. Swahili market in Port Florence on Lake Victoria, Africa, early 1900s (modern Kisumu, Kenya)

    Source images from Met. Museum of Art


  2. Workers in Hong Kong, China, 1896

    Created from source image courtesy Met Musuem


  3. thecurrentseala:

    THE CURRENT SEA is featured in The Lucky Jotter’s Desktop Artists, which showcases the range, talent and evolution of digital and online art. 

    Honored to show alongside haydiroket, kidmograph, mikeandclaire, patakk, hateplow, daingifs, scorpiondagger, mironart, csabaklement, mathewlucasdesign, leoyamz, vintage3d, kmtarbuck, and more!


    or in person at:

    FYCreatives Gallery in Blackpool

    Private Vew: Friday 11th April 6:00pm – 8:00pm
    Dates: April 14th – 2nd May
    Gallery Open Hours: Mon, Wed, Fri – 10am-4:30pm

    I’m proud to have my work featured with this fine group of artists! Check out the exhibition at the Lucky Jotter’s site.


  4. grand-bazaar:

    Vintage India - Delhi :: State Elephants of the Maharaja of Gwalior


  5. Turkish regulars at an outpost in Syria, 1916

    Original scans courtesy Library of Congress


  6. grand-bazaar:

    Countryside Sumo Match in Old Japan - T. Enami Studio


  7. Pulling the ovens - making coke coal in Starkville, Colorado, 1906

    Original images from Met Museum


  8. Japan, sometime around 1900.

    Original image source


  9. okkultmotionpictures:

    The GIF Artists World Map
    A creative research project by Alessandro Scali | OKKULT Motion Pictures

    I spent the last days working on THIS Public Google Map based on @giphy artists list. Of course the map is not representing the whole GIF movement and lots of artist names are missing, but it’s a first step.

    Right now the list includes 78 artists from 19 different countries, and I wasn’t able to find infos about Absourdnoise, Challenger, Dee Dee, Hoppip, Maudit, Eno Swinnen, Ph7labs, Riffs n Gifs, Salih, Shakin Food Gifs, Tech Noir, Vince McKelvie, Wakest.

    Some numbers: according to Giphy Artists List, more than 50% of the GIF artists come from US (41), and 18 from NY. 10 artists come from UK (6 from London). There’s an interesting group of artists come from East Europe, 8 in total (Croatia, Romania, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia). South America is represented by Argentina and Guatemala.
    Italy has just one, and it’s our OKKULT Motion Pictures. Surprisingly, no artists from Africa, China, Japan, France etc.

    Want to help me to add infos/improve this map? Have you found mistakes? Write me at lssndrscl@gmail.com or info@okkul.lt. Thanks in advance.

    OKKULT Motion Pictures

    I’m the lone gif artist in Idaho!


  10. Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine, 1886. Built in 1793-1797.

    Original image source: Geo. Barker, LOC

    More info on the cathedral

    Video version